Friday, May 1, 2009

driving rant

One thing I really hate is people who tailgate. Driving way too close for my comfort. On my way home from town today, I had one such a driver following me. The speed limit in town is 35, which I was doing. The car behind me, a little blue compact, was so close all I could see was the top quarter of their windshield and the top of the car. Normally I can see the whole vehicle. I figured ok, this is uncomfortable, but not too god awfully bad, we're slow enough the damage would be minimum if I had to stop quickly. So out to the highway we go. Speed limit here is 55. As i sped up to hit the limit that same dayem little blue car was right on my bumper keeping pace. like it was attached to my jeep with some unseen tractor beam from star trek. If I let off on the gas, we were close enough that she would have hit me before she ever got her foot off her own gas pedal. Mumbles under my breath about idiot drivers.......


none said...

Slam the brakes claim neck injury and retire :)

lol word verification is pardywhore

USA_Admiral said...

It makes it hard to love thy neighbor.

Bob G. said...

My "rule of thumb" is:
IF I can't see your bumper in my rearview BUT can see the color of your eyes, and how DILATED your pupils're TOO DAMN CLOSE!

My cure (and this requires GOOD timing) is simple:

Get a foot on EACH pedal, then hit the brake FIRMLY, then IMMEDIATELY gas it and go.
He locks HIS brakes up and you are gone, leaving HIM to explain to those behind him why HE was such an a**
Worked every time for me.

Snigglefrits said...

I agree with Hammer and Bob G.

I drive a big vehicle and have had compacts so close I couldn't see anything of them but the illumination from their headlights.

Makes me want to get the kids to draw a sign and hold it up to one of the back windows- BACK OFF, ASSHOLE!